• Won the 2011 Annual Ji'nan city construction engineering springs Cup Award
    Column:News List Time:2012-05-03

    In order to further promote the Ji'nan City, improve the quality of construction engineering, a more excellent projects, economic South Building Industry Association organized the concerned expert strict evaluation, online publicity, Ji'nan city urban and Rural Construction Committee approved research undertaken by our group company, the Bai Shi village village resettlement project 6# building project", won the2011 Annual Ji'nan city construction engineering springs cup award".

    Springs cup award is the highest award in our city construction quality, is our city construction the important symbol, reflects our city construction quality at the highest level.

    This award is inseparable from the group led by the strong support and project management team efforts, hope that other projects to the Bai Shi Valley project learning, for the company to create more honor, for the development of company of group gave her a force


    In May 3, 2012

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