• Chairman speech

    Chairman speech

    Chairman of Shunlian Construction Group: Mr. Shi Xianzhu

            The building is an important symbol of an era, an important manifestation of a civilization of a society, which increasingly change and improve people's lives, represents the direction of future development clearly and firmly.

            After 20 years of exploration and development, facing the increasingly competitive construction market, Jinan Shunlian Construction Group didn’t meet the results in the past, but through the continuous deepening of reform, promote enterprise to improve the modern enterprise management system developments. We not only structure high quality projects and shape the city's image as our mission, but also establish building brand in this era ,take revitalization and prosperity of the construction industry as an important direction of enterprise development, a strategically advantageous position, with the times, the constant pursuit of the enterprise system which have high quality, high standards, high functionality, high quality and high-quality. And strive to become the industry pioneer to lead the architectural trends of the times, to create a building civilization in the new era.
           Harmonious and beautiful social environment and innovative thinking has given us courage and faith which means hard struggle , strive for progress, the pursuit of excellence, pray for all people of the world have home ownership and excellent place; at last I look forward to create a harmonious society in the whole society and I will contribute to the better future career.

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